The Studio

The Academy of Music Production classes are held at Penthouse Recording Studios. A high-end experience reserved for the world’s most renowned artists.    

Imagine learning in a place where music history echoes through the walls. At the Academy of Music Production, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our classes are held in the renowned Penthouse Recording Studios, known for its high-end experiences and impressive client roster of the world’s top artists.

Located at 723 7th Avenue, the Penthouse stands as the last testament to the historic Music Row, 48th Street in Midtown, a beacon of rich musical history since the 1960s.

Founded in 2016 by Jesse Rothman, Manny Acosta, and Colin Rivers, the Penthouse Recording Studio has a story of its own. These visionaries breathed new life into the former Terminus Recording Studios, transforming it into a space where acoustic performance is revered. They curated the futuristic, all-white Heavens Room to inspire creativity, offering a clean and comfortable environment that feels straight out of tomorrow.

And it’s not just about the look. The Heavens Room at Penthouse is peak-tuned for accuracy, delivering an immersive vibe and a sonic experience as stunning as its aesthetics. At The AMP, you’re not just learning music , you’re living it in a space where creativity meets history.

Client list @ Penthouse Studios


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