Mission & Values

By providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment where you can learn practical skills, make industry contacts, and gain practical experience, The Academy of Music Production prepares you for success.

The Academy of Music Production Mission

The Academy of Music Production is dedicated to fostering the music professionals of tomorrow. Our mission is to offer a transformative instruction, delivered by seasoned experts, crafted to empower students for successful careers in the ever-evolving music industry. Our commitment to immersive teaching methods, utilized both in real-world production studios and cutting-edge classrooms, ensures our students are always at the forefront of industry advancements.

The AMP Vision

The AMP is grounded by a unique blend of values that shape the way we teach and learn. Our approach is rooted in creativity, fostering an environment where art and innovation can thrive. We believe in the importance of business and life skills, understanding their pivotal role in a successful music career. Technical prowess is of paramount importance to us, as is the aspiration for artistic achievement. Furthermore, our commitment to practical, real-world experience enables our students not just to learn about the music industry, but to actively shape it. At The AMP, we don’t just value the music industry – we value the individual’s journey within it.


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