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Information for giving to The AMP Scholarship Fund

Consider Making a Pivotal Contribution to Our Scholarship Fund

Now, more than ever, your support is crucial. A donation of any amount will help us keep the lights on and the music playing, as we continue to honor our vision of being the ultimate creative hub for music production in a world that’s hungry for better. It’s not just about supporting The AMP – it’s about fostering the future of music.

Fueling the Future of Music with The AMP

Despite the government’s efforts to ensure access to professional training for all aspiring music professionals, the reality is that there remains a vast gap. This is where The AMP steps in.

We founded The Academy of Music Production to ensure that every individual with a passion for music can access professional-level music production instruction. We’re not just about transitioning students from beginner to pro, but about making sure that every music enthusiast gets the chance they deserve.

Supporting Our Students' Well-being

In these times of uncertainty and financial strain, our commitment to our students is unwavering. We believe that our strength as an institution is tied to the resilience of our students, and so we’re doubling down on our investment in their support and resources.

Your gift to our programs is more than a donation – it’s an investment in the future generations of music professionals. Every dollar helps ensure that every student can not only survive in these challenging times but thrive, turning their passion for music into a rewarding career. Support The AMP, and together, let’s hit the high notes of the future of music.


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