At The AMP, traditional learning makes way for an innovative, immersive experience that reflects the rapid rhythm and collaborative spirit of today’s evolving sectors. Our programs are designed to keep you ahead of the curve, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in these exciting fields. Step into the fast lane with The AMP, where your instruction is as vibrant and relevant as the world you’re preparing to conquer.

Who We Are: At the heart of The Academy of Music Production is a simple belief: music is for everyone. We were born out of a desire for inclusivity, accessibility, and a commitment to fostering creative growth. We’re not just an academy, we’re a community.

Our AMP Family: Our AMP family is a mosaic of diverse, passionate individuals. From students just embarking on their musical journey, to seasoned instructors sharing their expertise, to dedicated staff members and proud alumni – each person brings their unique rhythm to our community.

Our Belief in Diversity: We believe in the power of diversity. It’s the different beats, melodies, and voices that make us the vibrant, creative powerhouse we are. It’s this collective energy, this blend of backgrounds, experiences, and dreams that sets The AMP apart.

Join Us: Join us at The AMP, where every individual matters, every voice is heard, and every talent is nurtured. Welcome to not just another music school, but the most unique and diverse artist community in the world.




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Mission &

The AMP exists to light the path for the music professionals of tomorrow. Our mission is to offer an innovative, future-forward education taught by top-tier experts, designed to equip students with instruction in the ever-evolving music industry.

The AMP’s unique pedagogy is a harmonious blend of creativity, business acumen, life skills, technical prowess, and artistic achievement. We leverage immersive teaching methods in our state-of-the-art production studios and  cutting-edge classrooms.

Every program at The AMP is tailored to help students realize their career ambitions in the entertainment and media sectors. We do this by providing not just knowledge, but also practical, real-world experience. At The AMP, you’re not just learning about the music industry – you’re becoming an integral part of it.



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